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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Now delivered Live, Virtual and Online
The CreativeBodyFlow Aerial Yoga Teacher Training fills a void in aerial hammock education providing a more in-depth approach that is adaptable to both fitness and clinical settings.

You will leave this training confident to safely deliver aerial yoga hammock sessions that are therapeutic for both body and mind! Learn how to apply the biomechanics of aerial movement and neurobiological understanding to delve deep into flow-state, invite new experiences of free movement and use gravity to improve your training advantage.
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A holistic approach to wellness

Renae holds a master’s degree in Mental Health and is a registered Art Therapist experienced in trauma recovery. Renae is recognized by Yoga Australia as a Senior Yoga Teacher with 20 years of teaching experience. Renae has become a passionate advocate on the benefits of a multimodal therapeutic approach combining the creative arts and movement therapies.

In 2020, Renae launched the CreativeBodyFlow Aerial Hammock Instructor Training program specialising in a therapeutic approach.
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What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga combines yoga and other movements with the support of a hammock suspended from the ceiling. The hammock supports your weight instead of working on a mat on the floor.

An aerial yoga practice helps you to deepen a pose, relieves pressure on joints and the spine, allows access to supported inverted postures and creates space to focus on the breath.
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Dr Ann-Maree Barnes

(BBiomedSc, MSc, BMBS, FANZCA) South Australia
“Renae is bravely forging a path to allow medical technology and expertise to merge with the latest in the rehabilitation and movement world”

Jane Griffin

Arts Psychotherapist, Co-ordinator of the HEAL program
“I have seen the aerial hammock used with children and young adults of refugee background, and seen the wonderful therapeutic benefits it provides. This strengthening and safe activity helps to regulate arousal, improve emotional response, allow enhanced sense of control, and enable connection to the body and sense of identity, in a safe and fun way.”

Cathy Mak

Psychologist and Researcher
“Renae’s background and experience from her own training in AntiGravity, Hatha Yoga, anatomy and therapy provide a depth and texture to her classes and workshops that is unparalleled. Renae is an extremely skilled teacher who truly understands the anatomy, physiology, psychology and the mind-body connection. As a psychologist I was attracted to the way Renae skillfully brings subtle yet profound therapeutic elements into her classes through an embodied style of teaching.

Trish McNicholl

AntiGravity Instructor Adelaide
“You have taught me so much and encouraged me every day to keep going and strive each time, your love, care, guidance and expertise will stay with me forever, thank you for such a memorable and wonderful learning experience that I will always practice remembering the way you taught us. I can’t wait to explore and practice more.”

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