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Ready to become an Aerial Essentials Instructor?
Deepen your personal experience of aerial yoga or take your first steps to become an aerial yoga hammock instructor. Learn the fundamentals of safe and progressive aerial hammock techniques accessible for all ages.
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Ready to become an  Advanced Instructor?
Explore applied biomechanics, training protocols, and aerial dance choreography to advance your personal practice or expand your skills and repertoire as an Advanced Aerial Hammock Instructor.
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Ready to become an Aerial Yoga Therapist?

Harness the therapeutic capacity of the hammock and develop your ability to work with specialised populations including women's health, injury and rehabilitation, children and mental health. 
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A world-class professional development training program for practitioners, teachers and health professionals.
This program offers 200 hours of in-depth Aerial Hammock Education, delivered via a three-tiered course to build your knowledge and skills in a safe and therapeutic approach to aerial hammock technique that allows you to harness gravity to your advantage and discover freedom in movement!

This education path can be taken one step at a time consecutively for new instructors or in a bundle course option to give you your complete aerial instructor tool kit to begin a new career. For already qualified instructors or health professionals wishing to diversify their skills and integrate the aerial hammock with their existing modalities, we offer an accelerated learning path. 

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Aerial Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training 100hr

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Advanced Aerial Teacher Training 50hr

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Hello! I am Renae. 
Welcome to our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and Mt Tamborine Studio

Since 2010 I have shared my love of the air.  As an Aerial Teacher Trainer, I have been able to travel and teach hundreds of instructors. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life as it has brought me into contact with an incredible diversity of people.  

Alongside this role, I have been practicing as a Registered Expressive Therapist working in trauma recovery.  The combined background of these disciplines gave me a unique opportunity to adapt the therapeutic benefits of the aerial hammock to support both the mental and physical health of my clients. 

I sought to share an approach to aerial applications that allowed safe, nourishing, and transformative experiences, and together with wonderful mentors, we created an educational pathway for you to learn the art of Aerial Yoga Therapeutics.  It is our hope that this unique learning journey will support instructors, health professionals, or practitioners in their own healing or in assisting the healing of others.

Join me in sharing lightness. It's time to fly!

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#6 Important Reasons to Study with Us

☆ Experienced trainers delivering in Australia and NZ since 2010

☆ Mental Health Aware

☆ Aligns with physical rehabilitation frameworks

☆ Versatile Learning Options - 
with on-demand self-paced learning, live or virtual delivery

☆ Mentoring Programs for Learning

☆ Students have options for lifetime access and can return to learn!

When you select the 'lifetime access' on enrollment you gain an immediate invitation to ‘Return to Learn’ via live-stream to any subsequent courses. So this gives you lifetime access to all online resources including theory modules, digital manuals, and exercise video resources PLUS the opportunity to return to re-attend practical immersions. This valuable 'Return to Learn' option ensures you are always up to date with best practice guidelines and assists your continual professional growth.

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Jane Griffin

Arts Psychotherapist, Co-ordinator of the HEAL program
“I have seen the aerial hammock used with children and young adults of refugee background, and seen the wonderful therapeutic benefits it provides. This strengthening and safe activity helps to regulate arousal, improve emotional response, allow enhanced sense of control, and enable connection to the body and sense of identity, in a safe and fun way.”

Cathy Mak

Psychologist and Researcher
“Renae’s background and experience from her own training in AntiGravity, Hatha Yoga, anatomy and therapy provide a depth and texture to her classes and workshops that is unparalleled. Renae is an extremely skilled teacher who truly understands the anatomy, physiology, psychology and the mind-body connection. As a psychologist I was attracted to the way Renae skillfully brings subtle yet profound therapeutic elements into her classes through an embodied style of teaching.

Dr Ann-Maree Barnes

(BBiomedSc, MSc, BMBS, FANZCA) South Australia
“Renae is bravely forging a path to allow medical technology and expertise to merge with the latest in the rehabilitation and movement world”

Trish McNicholl

AntiGravity Instructor Adelaide
“You have taught me so much and encouraged me every day to keep going and strive each time, your love, care, guidance and expertise will stay with me forever, thank you for such a memorable and wonderful learning experience that I will always practice remembering the way you taught us. I can’t wait to explore and practice more.”

Teacher Training Q&A with Renae

Book in to discuss any queries on the course with Renae. We encourage each genuine student to participate in this zoom meetup process to ensure that we are a good match, that you have a scope of the learning expectations and to understand how we can best support all your learning needs.

Is this teacher training right for me?

This training could be exactly what you’re looking for if:
‣ You want to learn how to best support your clients individual mental and physical needs in your general yoga classes
‣ You have an interest in mental health recovery and injury prevention
‣ You are a Yoga Teacher, Exercise Professional or Health Professional and would like to learn how to integrate the benefits of the aerial hammock with your existing expertise
‣ You are interested in evidence-based practice
‣ You are committed to ongoing professional and personal development
‣ You want to connect with like-minded colleagues
‣ You are always wanting to learn more, have a deep desire to help others and have an open mind!
This training may not meet your needs if you’re looking for:
‣ A qualification as a mental health or physical rehabilitation professional (this requires a university level degree)
‣ A qualification that allows you to independently diagnosis or prescribe practices for clients with clinical mental or physical health concerns (this must be administered by or under the guidance of an appropriately trained health professional)
‣ For individuals who are currently experiencing their own mental or physical health crisis (please seek professional support and connect back in with us when you’re ready)

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