CreativeBodyFlow Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Delivered Live and Virtual from June 2021

The CreativeBodyFlow Aerial Yoga Teacher Training fills a void in aerial hammock education providing a more in-depth approach that is adaptable to both fitness and clinical settings.

You will leave this training confident to safely deliver aerial yoga hammock sessions that are therapeutic for both body and mind! Learn how to apply the biomechanics of aerial movement and neurobiological understanding to delve deep into flow-state, invite new experiences of free movement and use gravity to improve your training advantage

Education Principles

CreativeBodyFlow experiences combine the harmonizing practice of yoga with techniques that use artmaking and drawing from life as moving meditations.

Designed for movement instructors, physical health and mental health professionals seeking to harness the therapeutic power of Aerial Therapeutics into their practice.

The Franklin Method® uses a specific application of biomechanical imagery to influence optimal efficiency and enhance positive qualitative experience of movement.

Personal Therapeutic Experiences

Creative Arts Therapy offers a unique expressive, non-verbal psychotherapeutic intervention that is focused on the individuals creative process, rather than reaching an aesthetic end-product. 
Therapeutic movement is attuned to individual needs. Renae delivers specific trauma-sensitive practices of yoga, aerial therapeutics and rehabilitative pilates in one-on-one sessions or small therapeutic groups.

Aerial Therapeutics 150HR Postgraduate Course

Aerial Therapeutics uses an aerial hammock apparatus based mind-body exercise that aligns with progressive exercise-based rehabilitation and trauma-informed frameworks.