Considering the benefits virtual therapy?

  • Allows remote access to therapy, which can reduce costs, travel time and reduce risk of infection, particularly important for vulnerable people

  • Using an interactive online platform such as Zoom or Skype is free, and allow sessions to be recorded for your use later.

  • Tele-therapy will require preparing your own materials, equipment and space at home to work with. This is a wonderful way to have a dedicated place for your personal self-care work and will enhance your ability to independently continue a therapeutic practice more regularly.

  • Allows the movement therapist to undertake visual assessments, deliver education and prescribe and guide exercises for rehabilitation, strengthening and mindfulness-based movement and breathing practices.

  • Allows the creative arts therapist to guide you through creative arts therapy practice with directive or self-directive options

During this time, Please consider keeping yourself updated on COVID-19: 

Please consider educating yourself on best practices by completing infection control training: