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The Advanced Instructor Pathway
Deepen your knowledge
The Post-Graduate 150hr Course Bundle
This 150hr course bundle combines the Advanced Aerial Teacher Training and Aerial Yoga Therapeutics to provide the instructor with the complete scope of abilities to offer both elite athlete level aerial technique and therapeutic applications. This allows the instructor to have a wonderful work balance of delivering high energy classes while also being skilled to deeply connect on a one-on-one basis to support individuals and small groups with more sensitive needs. This has proved to also increase instructor earning capacity making the use of studio ‘dead-time’ between group class session with offering private sessions. This is a powerful way make an authentic difference in the lives of your clients and earn loyalty and trust.

PostGraduate 150hr Bundle - ATT50 + AYT 100hr

Course Access
Live Attendance:
This option gives you the experience of group learning and interaction with live participation in the practical training course at the specified location hosting the training. Attendees are also able to access recordings of these training days.

Live Stream Attendance:
This option is available for all courses.
This option can be more financially viable for interstate or overseas students as it reduces the challenges and cost of travel. It is also a great option for those with health concerns regarding COVID or other family and work commitments. Live stream attendance requires the student to have access to an aerial hammock and high speed internet. Q&A time is allocated  throughout the training day for the live-stream cohort and as much as possible the live-stream participants are included in group learning and sharing with careful camera positioning of two-different perspectives. Recordings of the trainings are available for students for the duration of their chosen course access.

Live Retreat Style Learning:
This option is currently only offered for those completing Aerial Yoga Therapeutics practical training intensive. Students are invited to immerse themselves in a retreat style learning experience in Tamborine mountain, a tranquil rainforest setting in the Goldcoast Hinterland. In this option, delicious meals and accomodation are included so you can completely focus on learning.  You will have the opportunity to share and connect with the others or take time for quiet solitude with rainforest and waterfall walks. Students require independent transportation or can arrange car-pooling transportation with other attendees. Recordings of the trainings are available for students for the duration of their chosen course access.
Advanced Aerial Instructor 50hr Training
The Advanced Aerial Instructor Training can be taken as part of the full 200HR Course or Accelerated Course, or enjoyed as a standalone course – this 50HR program allows you to expand your knowledge of biomechanics, exercise programming and aerial dance choreography.

Providing you with 10hrs of online theory and your choice of 40hrs of live or live-streamed practical training you will become a sort after expert in Aerial Yoga.

✔️Explore applied biomechanics
✔️Lead advanced technique classes
✔️Program safe group classes
✔️Add musicality and Aerial Dance choreography to elevate your class offering
✔️Learn the keys to building a personal brand and Aerial Yoga Business Success
View the Advanced Aerial Course Outline
Aerial Yoga Therapeutics 100hr Course
Instructors will be able to introduce clients to aerial therapeutic applications that compliment other modalities by incorporating the benefits of joint and visceral decompression, promotion of circulatory health and development of mindfulness skills for reducing stress and anxiety using sensory meditations to support all stages and phases of a client’s progression toward health and well-being. This course will give you an informed theoretical basis and practical knowledge to develop your ability to:

Understand the therapeutic and progressive application of traction
Employ the aerial hammock for the unique benefits of inversion therapy, unstable base training, and vestibular and proprioceptive conditioning
Address individual client needs in 1:1 or small group classes
Diversify your skills to assist special populations (children / Injury Rehab/ Women’s Health / Mental Health)
View the Aerial Yoga Therapeutics 100hr Course Outline
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