Aerial Essentials is a 50hr instructor training centred on the aerial hammock apparatus. This soft apparatus is adaptable to the body’s shape and can mimic the natural movement of skin, fascia, muscle and bone rhythms. The whole-body sensory experience is often described as a relaxing sense of flying, floating or being suspended in 3-dimensional space. In addition, the aerial hammock can be applied to achieve diverse gravity-assisted and gravity-resisted conditioning exercises which improve neuroplasticity, movement acquisition, mobility and dynamic stability. The aerial hammock also offers unique therapeutic benefits for the joints and viscera through the safe use of progressive traction and decompressive inversions.

Aerial Essentials 50HR Course will equip instructors/teachers with comprehensive instructional, theoretical and practical knowledge to be leave competent and confident to deliver effective group classes. 

The training is comprised of 40hrs of practical training (delivered live and interactive live-streamed) and a preliminary 10 hours online theoretical training covering:

✔️ The history and evolution of the aerial technique
✔️ The principles of movement in aerial yoga hammock technique
✔️ How to Develop skills in safe facilitation in over 50 aerial hammock exercises
✔️ How to apply a progressive framework for aerial exercise instruction
✔️ Professional instructor responsibilities and ethics

For students who complete Aerials Essentials (or for those who are already qualified aerial hammock instructors), you can continue professional development in the Aerial Yoga Therapeutics 150hr Postgraduate Program.
The Aerial Essentials instructor training embodies the Creativebodyflow approach which promotes the belief that ‘fitness can be therapeutic’ and align with exercise-based rehabilitation and trauma-informed frameworks. With this approach, the aerial hammock can be safely applied both in clinical and commercial fitness settings to support mental and physical well-being.

This training is appropriate for new instructors beginning their education and wishing to specialize in the aerial hammock; for experienced instructors wishing to diversify their modalities to include aerial hammock; and for health professionals wishing to harness the therapeutic power of the aerial hammock in their existing scope of clinical practice.

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