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Be an Aerial Change Maker! How will what you do today change tomorrow?

September 21, 2022

The unique modalities of Aerial Yoga can play a part in reconnecting people to creativity, movement, philosophy and a more natural way of life. The more we value and connect with life and the planet, the more successful we will be at sustaining it!

Nature, creativity and movement have been used by humans for enhancing well-being through-out the history of humankind. In our technologically driven world, the amount of time we spend being creative, moving and being outdoors has dramatically shifted. With the increasing prevalence of stress related mental and physical illness, researchers have become interested in investigating the healing powers of the natural world, creativity and movement.  New discoveries have shown that these improve health, promote reflection and innovation, and strengthen our relationships.

"How gently can you live, how much can you love, how gracefully can you learn to let go” Buddha

Take the Aerial Hammock exercise into your communities and invite people to live lighter on this earth!

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Aerial Yoga Courses

Aerial Essentials 50hr

✔️Discover the history and evolution of the aerial technique
✔️ Implement the principles of efficient movement in aerial yoga hammock technique
✔️ Understand professional instructor responsibilities and ethics
✔️ Deliver safe facilitation in over 60 aerial hammock exercises
✔️ Apply a progressive framework for aerial exercise instruction

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Advanced Aerial Teacher Training 50hr
✔️ Explore applied biomechanics and training principles
✔️ Lead advanced aerial conditioning classes with over 60 new complex aerial exercise variations
✔️ Program safe multi-level group classes that will bring joy and satisfaction to all participants
✔️ Learn how you can add musicality and Aerial Dance choreography to elevate the creative experience
✔️ Learn the keys to building a personal brand and making your Aerial Yoga business a great success!
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Aerial Therapeutics Teacher Training 100hr
✔️ Enhance sensory integration and movement re-education
✔️ Develop mind-body awareness
✔️ Alleviate visceral and joint compression
✔️ Apply Gravity-assisted mobility and Gravity-resisted strengthening techniques
✔️ Allow controlled spinal traction and suspension
✔️ Condition and improve function of respiration
✔️ Aid parasympathetic functioning and sleep

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