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Moving and soothing 
The vestibular system is a bridge between sensory processing and movement control. In Aerial Yoga Therapeutics we use creative applications of the aerial hammock apparatus to interact with the vestibular-auditory-visual processes of the brain.  This is healing for adults, however, can also support ...
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How can you buy or sell the sky?
The following is an extract from a prophetic speech by Chief Seattle of the Squamish Indian Tribe in Washington Territory  in 1854 in response to an appeal to buy the land by treaty. "How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us.  If we do […]...
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Aerial Yoga Therapeutics and the Art of Slowing Down
If we TRY to relax, we build more tension. Relaxation does not come as a result of trying a technique, it is the understanding: live in the moment for the sheer joy of it. You are here to enjoy life to its fullness. Technology is supposed to make life easier. However, the reality for most […]...
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Missing Hugs? Get one from your Aerial Hammock!
For me and many others, precautions surrounding COVID-19 has altered daily life. The sacrifice I feel most, is that I have had to give up Hugs. Scientists say that giving another person support through touch can not only reduce the stress of the person being comforted, it can even reduce the stress ...
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Is your sensory system overloaded?
Have you ever experienced sensory overload? This is when I climb into a hammock, shield out the world and listen.. Sensitivity and high empathy are common experiences for many people, but some people experience these qualities to more severe degrees. A highly sensitive person may have heightened rea...
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Am I safe?
This is the question your hypothalamus is asking your nervous system every moment. Feeling safe physically and emotionally is essential to our well-being. Depending on our sense of safety, our brain and body will decide if it is time to switch off the relaxation response and turn on the stress respo...
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How does the Aerial Hammock help us understand Fascia?
Fascia is a thin membrane consisting of collagen and elastin fibres bound together into a range of bodily tissues that weave through, surround and separate muscles, bones and organs. Together, these tissues form a weblike, tensional matrix that envelops our entire body from head to toe. Think of it ...
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Aerial Yoga Therapeutics: Understanding the neurobiology of trauma 
Trauma is a complicated injury, and treating it is equally complex. In the Aerial Yoga Therapeutics Education, practitioners explore the neurobiological understanding of trauma and how the nervous system adapts a person’s response to trauma to help with survival. Practitioners learn how somatic in...
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The hidden benefits of Learning Aerial Yoga Virtually
I am the most tech-averse person I know.  I’ve managed to make it to my 4th decade, hardly knowing how to use a computer and have never owned a TV. Over the last month, I seriously considered getting counselling for tech-induced anxiety as I came to terms with the fact that if I wanted to [&helli...
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What are the Benefits of Aerial Yoga?
Aerial yoga is complementary to traditional yoga allowing the student to experience gravity and antigravity environments. However Aerial applications are much kinder on the joints and can be a much more accessible form of movement for those who find sitting on the floor very challenging. Many stude...
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