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Advanced Aerial Teacher Training 50hr

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This course will be delivered only once in 2022!
Book your place for the 19 - 21st August 2022 training today to ensure your spot.
You may choose to complete this as a stand-alone course or as part of a training
course bundle.

Advanced Aerial Instructor Training provides you with a preliminary 20hrs of
online theory and a three-day practical training intensive (live or live-streamed) to assist
you in becoming a diverse Aerial Instructor able to cater to all levels,
and bring creativity to life in the air!
✔️ Explore applied biomechanics and training principles
✔️ Lead advanced aerial conditioning classes with over 60 new complex aerial exercise variations

✔️ Program safe multi-level group classes that will bring joy and satisfaction to all participants
✔️ Learn how you can add musicality and Aerial Dance choreography to elevate the creative experience
✔️ Learn the keys to building a personal brand and making your Aerial Yoga business a great success!
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Want to see more about what you will learn in this course? Take a sneak peek at one of our anatomical theory lessons here or check out the Online Theory Course outline below:

Course Content

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Module One: Instructor Development
Module One: Exercise Video Library
Module Two: Program Design
Module Two: Exercise Video Library
Module Three: Aerial Business Success
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