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Small Group Yoga Session 
Small Group Yoga Session
Small Group Yoga Session
Small Group Yoga Session
Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga
Aerial Pilates
Aerial Fitness
PLEASE NOTE: This Time table is for the duration of our Come and Try Launch May 10 - May 23rd
During the two-week period of our opening launch from May 10 -23rd, we invite you to attend the timetable of sessions above that will be held across our two North Tamborine locations! 

Come and Try our yoga and aerial sessions with access to 8 x small yoga sessions held at The Sun Studio 64b Freemont Drive North Tamborine, and up to 8 x aerial sessions at The Back Room North Stores 46 Main Street North Tamborine. 

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What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga utilises a silk aerial hammock suspended from two symmetrical points on the ceiling at hip height. The hammock is made of a structural nylon aerial fabric that is rated to hold up to 500kg. The aerial hammock is designed to adapt to the shape of the body and support body weight so movements feel free and light! The Aerial hammock helps you to improve joint range of motion through gentle traction techniques. It also allows access to supported inverted postures, which are effective in visceral decompression, improving digestive and reproductive function, and is also effective in conditioning respiratory function. Many people experience a wonderful after effect of mental decompression with this practice and it has been used to assist improving mental health and aid trauma recovery.

What to expect in an aerial class?

Each class will involve the aerial hammock and working on a yoga mat on the floor. The hammock is adaptable to a fusion of genres that may include elements of yoga, Pilates, or strength conditioning and fitness, depending on the outcome goal of the class. In classes the instructor guides students through postures with visual and verbal demonstrations and leads the class in a harmonised ensemble experience. Each class is concluded with traditional yoga relaxation on the floor or ‘cocooning’ in the hammock where one may enjoy being gently rocked.

What is a Small Group Therapeutic Session?

Students who enjoy more personalised tuition or require individualised care can also benefit from attending tailored one-on-one or small group therapeutic sessions that combine traditional floor and aerial approaches. This service is available for self-managed NDIS support.

What happens in an aerial Kids class?

Children are introduced to healthful movement through aerial play and interactive games that invite a child to build trusting relationships, self-esteem and empowerment. Creative Arts Therapy modalities involving sound and art making are combined in this session to enhance a childs capacity for self-expression and creativity. At the end of each session, Children are guided in sensory meditations that assist with developing emotional regulation and relaxation. These classes are grouped in developmentally appropriate age ranges.

What to wear?

In Aerial Yoga we encourage protecting your skin with full length leggings of a cotton or cotton blend fabric (as it is non-slippery) and close fitting, sleeved shirts (remember loose tops will fall down when you invert!).  We also encourage grip socks as this aids safety. PLEASE wear clothing with NO ZIPPERS OR SEQUINS, AND REMOVE JEWELRY, MAKE UP OR FAKE TAN prior to class as these will damage the hammocks.

What to Bring?

Bring a towel and water bottle. Yoga mats are optional; however they are recommended for added comfort in floor positions.

What are the Benefits?

  • Utilises gravity to assist with elongating tight muscles
  • Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression
  • Releases mental tension and stress
  • Promotes parasympathetic function improving healing and immune function
  • Increases balance and proprioception (bodily awareness)
  • Enhances integration of core strength
  • Improves breathing
  • Releases endorphins that help you feel happier!
  • Improves motivation to exercise as it is incredibly fun!
  • Is adaptable to all ages and stages of life!

There are myriad benefits of aerial hammock exercise! This unique practice can be an incredible way to reach optimal health when more mainstream fitness options are ineffective or compound existing joint compression or chronic pain conditions. However, it can also be adapted to elite and gymnastic movement experiences for athletic cross training and working with children.

How does Aerial Yoga Compare to traditional Yoga?

Aerial yoga is complementary to traditional yoga allowing the student to experience gravity and antigravity environments. However Aerial applications are much kinder on the joints and can be a much more accessible form of movement for those who find sitting on the floor very challenging. Many students who practice aerial yoga reap the benefits of enhanced alignment, control and balance and discover great improvements in their floor-based abilities in traditional yoga and other sporting activities.


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