Franklin Method

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"If you want to change your body, first change your mind."
Eric Franklin, Creator of the Franklin Method

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The Franklin Method® is based on the neurocognitive understanding that body posture and movement are imagery driven. The method uses a specific application of biomechanical imagery to influence optimal efficiency and enhance positive qualitative experience of movement.

Renae studied under the creator of the method Eric Franklin, and values this method as an essential step toward improving quality of life.

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Franklin Method® workshops with Renae:

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The Supreme Spine

Be introduced to your supreme spine! Embody the amazing biomechanical design of your spine using the Franklin Method tools of dynamic imagery.  Explore the relationship between form and efficient function and learn how to implement mental training to improve the quality of freedom, grace and resilience of your spine. Take home a simple and fun practice that will get your spine feeling loose and lubricated each day!

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Pelvic Power

The pelvis houses a deep reservoir of power through a remarkable tensegrity system.  Located in the centre of your body, the pelvis is the keystone which influences alignment both toward the head and all the way to your toes. In this unique Franklin Method workshop learn how your pelvis is designed to both move and stabilise.  Embody the biomechanics of your pelvis to find more power in your legs in standing hatha yoga poses and reduce compressive forces on the spine.

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Relax your Shoulders

In the journey of evolution from the oceans to the trees, our shoulders adapted their incredible design to enable the diverse possibility of both incredible flexibility and immense strength. Learn how to relax unnecessary tension, move efficiently and open a pain free path to strength building in inverted hatha yoga poses.

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Finding Flow

The secret to flow-state is finding the match of challenge and skill in a moment-to-moment experience. Learn how to regress and progress your hatha yoga practice to meet your changing needs. This workshop will pay specific attention to the essential role of breath awareness in connecting an individual to their body and to the power of presence within a group setting. An embodied exploration of the lungs and diaphragm will bring new insights into the most relaxed way to breath with movement followed by an experiential class will help you learn how sequencing can support the natural unfolding of the body in all directions.

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