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New Instructor Training Course Bundles
Immerse yourself in learning !
This option helps you save and reach your goals faster! This path is for those who are starting their journey as movement professionals and have no other existing qualifications.

Graduate 150hr Bundle - AE50 + AYT 100hr

AUD 3,499.00AUD 4,199.00

PostGraduate 150hr Bundle - ATT50 + AYT 100hr

AUD 3,499.00AUD 4,199.00

FULL 200hr Course (plus lifetime access)

AUD 4,999.00AUD 5,499.00

Already qualified and seeking professional development? 
Take the Accelerator Path Course Bundle!
If you are a qualified movement instructor or health professional we know you are ready for self-paced and self-guided learning. This option allows you to accelerate your learning by completing the Aerials Essentials 100% Online, and then choose to attend either or both of the postgraduate courses. 

Advanced Aerial Teacher Accelerator

AUD 1,899.00AUD 2,099.00

Aerial Yoga Therapeutics Accelerator

AUD 2,699.00AUD 3,399.00

FULL Accelerator Course  (Plus Lifetime access) 

AUD 3,999.00AUD 4,499.00

Training Calendar at a Glance


Aerial Essentials Teacher Training
July 28 – 31st
Sunshine Coast

Advanced Aerial Teacher Training 
August 19 -21st

Aerial Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training
November 17 – 20th
Tamborine Mountain Retreat Queensland
Frequently Asked Questions
What learning options do I have?
Live Attendance:
This option gives you the experience of group learning and interaction with live participation in the practical training course at the specified location hosting the training. Attendees are also able to access recordings of these training days.

Live Stream Attendance:
This option is available for all courses.
This option can be more financially viable for interstate or overseas students as it reduces the challenges and cost of travel. It is also a great option for those with health concerns regarding COVID or other family and work commitments. Live stream attendance requires the student to have access to an aerial hammock and high speed internet. Q&A time is allocated throughout the training day for the live-stream cohort and as much as possible the live-stream participants are included in group learning and sharing with careful camera positioning of two-different perspectives. Recordings of the trainings are available for students for the duration of their chosen course access.

Live Retreat Style Learning:
This option is currently only offered for those completing Aerial Yoga Therapeutics practical training intensive. Students are invited to immerse themselves in a retreat style learning experience in Tamborine mountain, a tranquil rainforest setting in the Goldcoast Hinterland. In this option, delicious meals and accomodation are included so you can completely focus on learning. You will have the opportunity to share and connect with the others or take time for quiet solitude with rainforest and waterfall walks. Students require independent transportation or can arrange car-pooling transportation with other attendees. Recordings of the trainings are available for students for the duration of their chosen course access.
What can I teach after completing Aerial Essentials 50hr Program?
You will safely be able to teach general classes in aerial yoga with a curriculum of over 60 aerial exercises.
I took a Level One aerial course with a different aerial teacher training provider. Can I skip Aerial Essentials and go straight to the advanced aerial teacher training?
The accelerated course pathway was created specifically for you! This allows you a self-paced online option of the Aerial Essentials to refresh your previous studies with our approach and curriculum.
How will completing this 200hr program benefit my studio or clinic revenue?
After completion of the full 200hr Program, alongside your group class offerings, you will also be able to offer Therapeutic sessions using the aerial hammock within your professional scope.  Therapeutic sessions can be successfullly delivered in individual, duo or trio format as a complimentary service to incorporate with other modalities in your clinic/studio. This offers commercial viability in several ways, firstly it gives a point of difference by offering clients access to a unique healing modality that can support them during periods of rehabilitation and assist in injury prevention. Secondly, it enhances the personalized feel clients receive which can increase return and loyalty. Thirdly, it utilises ‘dead time’ as these sessions can service a population willing to make time for sessions outside of the peak-time class schedule.
How will the Accelerated Course complement existing qualifications?
This pathway will provide the already qualified Aerial instructor or health professional with comprehensive theoretical knowledge to masterfully apply the therapeutic aspects of the aerial hammock. Instructors will learn innovative ways to modify, adapt and appropriately deliver their existing knowledge of aerial curriculum to achieve more therapeutic results with adaptability to expand their services beyond ‘fitness’.

This training will assist instructors in attuning a trauma-informed approach within the delivery of their public aerial fitness group classes. Instructors will also be able to provide a higher quality of care through gaining a deeper understanding of the treatment and presentation of common pathologies and knowledge of when and how to refer clients on for specialised care. This training will open opportunities to work in collaboration with multi-disciplinary clinical teams through developing an understanding of familiar clinical terminology in which to communicate with other health professionals.
How will the course complement my CPD requirements?
*NOTE CPD or CE points are only relative if you are registered with the associated governing body (eg. Yoga Alliance, Yoga Australia)

If you are a Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher each of the CBF courses fulfil the Yoga Alliance Educational Guidelines for your required Continuing Education (CE) points.

If you are a Registered Yoga Australia Teacher, the full 200hr or 150hr Post-Graduate training fulfils the Yoga Australia guidelines which allows certified yoga instructors to apply through Yoga Australia for recognition of continued education to attain a higher level of instructor certification.

If you are a health or fitness professional, this course offers theoretical knowledge which is transferable between disciplines and will assist in deepening understanding of all mindful movement-based therapies and may be approved for CPD from your governing professional body on request.
What evidence-base is there to support the need for this training?
The aerial hammock apparatus first gained popularity in America as a fitness modality over 25 years ago and has since expanded around the globe becoming one of the top 10 exercise trends in many countries. Over the last decade in Australia and New Zealand, the aerial hammock apparatus has been successfully integrated into innovative physiotherapy practice as an adjunct to manipulative and clinical exercise therapies specifically effective with reducing symptoms of Lumbo-pelvic pain. It has also been widely used in professional sports and dance training programs where the therapeutic benefits of decompression, traction and movement re-education have been harnessed for both restoration and cross-training conditioning.

From a mental health perspective, the aerial hammock apparatus has also been successfully implemented as a somatic intervention in alleviating mental health related symptoms of chronic pain, PTSD and trauma and assisting in sensory information processing and developmental disorders.

As the Antigravity® Master instructor for Australia and NZ, Renae has personally trained over 1000 aerial instructors in this region, many of whom have interest in the therapeutic benefits of the modality and with professional backgrounds in Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic Therapy, General Medicine, Occupational Therapy and Mental Health. These professionals have consistently requested specialised trainings to help bridge the void between fitness genres of the aerial modality and the physical rehabilitation and trauma recovery applications.

Renae has also gathered other evidence in support of the need for Aerial Therapeutics in 2012 when she completed a Masters of mental health research project at the University of QLD investigating the modality’s effectiveness in improving the well-being of youth with PTSD symptoms; in 2015 when Renae held an international conference for aerial instructors working in health related environments to share knowledge and most recently in 2018 she spent a 3 month period exploring the rehabilitative applications of this modality within a physiotherapy practice at Performance Pilates and Physiotherapy clinic in Perth. This course has been developed with the aim to fill the existing gap in trainings for the therapeutic applications of the aerial hammock modality.
What type of health professional would benefit this education?
Physical health professionals, exercise physiologists and movement instructors seeking to understand and facilitate the therapeutic qualities of the aerial hammock apparatus and learn trauma-sensitive approaches.

Mental health professionals and occupational therapists interested in integrating a somatic modality into their practice assisting sensory information processing and developing self-regulation within a trauma recovery context will also benefit from this course.

Who will benefit most from attending the Post-Graduate course?
Physical health professionals, exercise physiologists and movement instructors seeking to understand and facilitate the therapeutic qualities of the aerial hammock apparatus and learn trauma-sensitive approaches.

Mental health professionals and occupational therapists interested in integrating a somatic modality into their practice assisting sensory information processing and developing self-regulation within a trauma recovery context will also benefit from this course.

I’m interested in taking the course but don’t intend to teach. Is this allowed?
Absolutely! Many people enjoy this education pathway for the purpose of their own personal development. We also invite practitioners to access the Mentor Program.
What do I need to participate in the practical trainings virtually via live-stream?
‣High Speed Internet
‣Blue tooth headphones
‣Access to an aerial hammock
‣Completion of Fitness Readiness assessment (pass)
‣ We also recommend completion of the theoretical online modules prior to attending the practical training where possible

What if I don’t pass the final assessments?
We are seeking excellence in our teacher training graduates and have high standards for receiving certification. If you require more development or more time, you will be given an extended 3 months to complete your assessment or practice your teaching skills and re-submit your video assessment for approval.

NOTE: The first video submission review is inclusive. Following that, if a passing score is not granted there is a $150 fee for all submissions thereafter which includes a complementary zoom-feedback session.
Is there an age requirement?
Yes, all students must be betwen 17 - 107 years of age!
Is there a fitness readiness assessment form required for participation in the practical training?
Yes, a pass in this assessment is required to complete your participation in any of the practical components of the courses.
Will the course be taught in English?
All course materials are in English. International participants may be led with a translator, please email to enquire on this further.
What if I can’t attend the live practical trainings?
The entire course is recorded and broken up into the training day schedule so you can catch up at a time that suits your lifestyle or time zone.
You can join us LIVE for our group Zoom catch up calls (these will also be recorded if you miss them!). You can also post on the private facebook page to ask questions and connect with fellow participants.
How long do I have access to the course materials?
You will have access to all course materials for 6mths from the course commencement date. You can opt to pay a minimal one-time fee for lifetime access (this is complementary to all full 200hr students).
Do I need a student to teach for my practicum assessment?
Yes, after you've taken the time to learn and practice the skills on your own, you will need a student to teach in order to practice and record what you've learned for assessment. In some cases where there is a current COVID lock-down or other significant reason, an exemption is possible.
I'm a studio owner and have a few teachers that I'd like to take the course. Do you offer group discounts?
We offer group discounts for 3 or more people, please email your request and we'll get back to you soon. ​
​My friend and I want to learn together. Can we share the same course login?
Each participant must have their own course login and pay their tuition separately. Attendees are not permitted to share their course log-in information with other people who are not enrolled in the program. Doing so will result in the removal of your opportunity for certification. These courses are protected by cyber-security activity monitoring and copyright law.
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