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Therapeutic Sessions

Adapt the modality to attune to your changing needs 
“Yoga must be made to suit the individual,
not the individual to suit the yoga.”
T Krishnamacharya

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Please use the form below to choose either a single session or 5 session pass, select a day and time that works for you, and whether you'd like the appointment to be reoccurring. 

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Why take One-on-One Therapeutic Sessions?

In Therapeutic Movement Sessions, a student is supported on a one-on-one basis where the movement modality and delivery are tailored to individual requirements. This traditional learning approach is the most effective way to reach personal health goals and move toward optimal well-being. The emphasis in these sessions is on gentle progression and is aided by implementing lifestyle changes to improve the quality of sleep, nutrition, and well-being.
Renae delivers specific trauma-sensitive practices of therapeutic movement including yoga-based exercise, aerial yoga therapeutics, and rehabilitative pilates in one-on-one sessions or small therapeutic groups offering guidance in using movement and breath to enhance one's ability to cope and recover from physical, mental, or emotional stress.

NDIS Rebates

Body-based interventions such as Aerial Yoga and Expressive Therapies are options for individuals receiving NDIS support for intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory, physical, or psychosocial needs who may benefit from:

- Reduced anxiety through swinging,       inverting and being cradled
- Increasing motor skills, balance and     coordination
- Improving attention and focus
- Integrating sensory input processing
- Building confidence and self-esteem
- Social inclusion in a fun physical             experience

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